Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello again

Left this alone for months and now I'm shocked stiff upon seeing Blogspot's new CMS layout. It took a couple of clicks to finally land on the post page, but apparently I could have saved myself some minutes by noticing the glowing orange pencil icon on the main page. The old geezer syndrome applies to all ages when it comes to progress in technology. Sigh.

New place (but still in Brooklyn), some steady jobs here and there, still checking out shows, and always picking up the gigs to keep me busy.

You can find me here:

And here:

And still working on shoots:

Premiere issue of Nero Homme, cover photo/editorial styled by Gemma Slack. Assistant styling by yours truly.

Or lining up for free Plan B in a Vice article.

Or taking shameless selfies at the Top of the Standard.

Very soon, R.