Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Bass Wednesday

the HBIC

and her pro nail lacquer

1. Nicki Minaj, a.k.a. the artist behind probably one of the top songs of 2011 (haters, keep on walking), is going to release a line of nail polish for OPI in early 2012. Each lacquer are actual swatches taken from all the glitter, costumes, and desserts that have played a part in the span of her career. Although that may not be accurate, I can confidentially assess that Nicki vigilantly oversaw the colors for the collection because they are SO Minaj. This article was passed down to me by a friend of mine via Facebook. I jokingly said that I will be camping out at the OPI counter in a Duane Reade around its launch - yet, the more I think about it, the more this may become reality.

My current obsession. Listen to this song at least 10 times a day; it's getting bad."

2. Total Abuse's Rusty curated a mix for Vice Italy that combines the world of your electronic dreams and nightmares thanks to bands like Yellow Tears (nightmare), Xeno and Oaklander (dream), Gatekeeper (nightmare, but some vampire underworld rave kind of nightmare), FFH, Countrepoison, Raspberry Bulbs - among others. Check it out if the occasional lacerating noise is pleasurable to you. I'm loving the epilogue transition from Vatican Shadow to Lil B.

Image sources: and Vice Italy.

Meanwhile in NYC... OK I fell into the trap of neglecting this blog for the 1,000,000 time, but can you blame me for getting swept up by everything this city is, contains, and conjures?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

9/Il Memorial, Lower Manhattan

In some mysterious way, the 9/11 Memorial removes you from the realization that you're in the middle of the frenzy (and currently occupied) Financial District. Even with fellow visitors talking around you, the chatter is somehow blocked and you hear nothing but the whistles of wind blowing through the leaves and the falling, man-made waterfalls within the two pools. These monuments overcast the actual site of the former Twin Towers, and the waterfall descends beyond subway grounds. Engraved along the edge of the pools are the names of every single person killed during 9/11 (not just NYC, but Flight 93 and D.C.) and the Ground Zero bombing. While that may not sound like much, these engravings are much more grand when they meet the eye; you can almost clutch onto these names.

I lost count of the amount of times this guy, in particular, grazed his hands against the carvings of a female name. Perhaps taking a break from work, abandoning his carrier for just this moment, he made time stand still for just this moment - his personal moment of silence. You can tell from the photo above that any visitor will find it difficult to be disturbed during their moment of silence and meditation. It's easy to escape from the city beat here, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see people treat this like a sanctuary once they get through the rigid entrance security process.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

10_27. Anderson, NYC

Exactly a week ago I was in the audience of Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show "Anderson." Joining him was the cast of 50/50: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (!!! don't even get me started), Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Anjelica Huston, and writer/cancer/Rogen's bff Will Reiser.

I was chosen to be one of the audience members asking the cast a question, but ended up not doing so. That's okay because as you can tell from the familiar long, black hair and borrowed yellow dress, I got a great seat.

... after the show, and wearing too much color. How can you loathe this face?!

(If anyone has a better screenshot [ahem, mom], email it to me.)