Friday, February 25, 2011


Clusterfuck 2.0 mixed media exhibit hosted works by Ohio University students and artists Devin Nolan, Greg Kash, Katie Dwertman, Jake Swanson, Brad Pierce, and Leland Palmer. The one-day exhibit, which took place on February 25, 2011, was a floor to ceiling collage of garbage decor and masterpieces that tickled the senses of many whose preferences ranged from whimsical to nihilistic. (Mine being the latter.)

I checked out the show because my good friend Brad had a lot of his ink illustrations on display. It's nice to see his mutated goblins, showering daggers, and cross-infested vaginas (not too sure if that's on paper, but it should be) outside of his doodle pads. Bravo! I can now see him as less of a failure... and I don't really mean that.

Venom's "Hell" album blared from a laptop. Propped in the middle of the room was a metal fan, which required pulling on its bike chain pulley and handle system for it to run. It did little to alleviate the unusual heatwave lingering through my silk Sasoon button-up, but these hellish conditions may have been part of the hole-in-the-wall gallery experience.

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