Friday, June 3, 2011

Bastards of Young

Conor and I have been friends since I was a freshman in college. In a nutshell, he's a charming, 23-year-old photographer who dresses sharp, works hard, and never turns down a crazy night out. He's certainly one of the most ubiquitous personalities on campus, and his works are equally so - but for all the right reasons.

His works have appeared on just about every visually driven publication on campus, and just last summer he completed a photo internship with Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia. Off-duty, however, he still keeps his imaginative eye and his collection of cameras busy. Conor's latest project is a book that contains a compilation of photos documenting what I believe he captures best (among other things): the wanderlust-minded, fashionable youth in their natural environment.

Titled "Bastards of Young," the book is available for preview at this website. If you fancy his works, you can own a tangible, visually compelling 8.25" x 10.75" copy for only $15. According to the website, it's a 46-page, perfect-bound book "inspired by The Replacements and American dirt." Oh, and I'm in three of the photos. (Shameless plug, don't care.) The collection of photos above are b-rolls taken from his blog.

You can check out Conor's photo page here and his Tumblr (which also contains music, film, and the occasional lols).

Photo credit, Conor Lamb.

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