Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Age of Quarrel

Amidst this hectic ten weeks, a miracle allowed my schedule and that of an upcoming Cleveland show to beautifully elope.

Accompanied by some young 'uns, I'll be heading up to Cleveland next Thursday to check out Cro-Mags, Ringworm, and two other bands at Now That's Class. It's been too long since my last visit to this venue, and that may have been the Crude show. I'll strive to arrive early enough to indulge in their limited-made, outsourced vegan entrees. The last time I went, the nachos I ordered came with a bowl of mango habanero salsa - and boy, was it delectable. On the bar-cum-venue floor lies two vert ramps, so you can image the madness that would entail when a band like Bones Brigade - let alone, Cro-Mags, rips it on stage. I made plans to see them perform on a boat last summer, but show lethargy took over and I got lost in Chelsea instead.

Two days prior, Japanese band Envy will be hitting up Now That's Class and some Pittsburgh venue the night after. Unfortunately for me, I'm chained to a night exam the night of the Pittsburgh stop. If anyone could somehow Skype chat this show for me, I'd gladly accept inquiries.

EDIT: my review of this show can be found here - enjoy!

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