Monday, September 13, 2010

A Blast of the Past

I'm not going to be alive for the next nine weeks.

Thank the reading/analysis intensive 18-hour class schedule, my valiant decision to be lady lord of this student-run radio station, and frantic efforts to raise some money for my anticipated winter return to NYC.

I'm looking forward to reuniting with my summer roommates, the ever-so-critical (in fashion) Justin Fenner, the Baltimore/DC boys, and Jess Blumenshied - who although arrived a week shy of my departure, quickly became my partner-in-crime for TMI discussions and expressing boner moments over the ugliest of music.

Also including in this list are the Ohio-turned-NYC residents, including Jill Mapes and Kelly Kettering, who have been the backbone to my life in the past three years. Now if only Erin Schroettinger considers declining her California girl ways.

But for now I'll enjoy my questionably lesbian relationship with bestie Branka Sormaz - that is, when I'm not knee-deep in work at the library or in my ACRN office. Here's to the next nine weeks, and what better way to clear the mind than get a nice blast of the past.

Including this gem.

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