Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New {york} City

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These photos were taken the day after HURRICANE 2011, which brought minor damages to New York City. The following statements do not speak on behalf of the damages reported in the Carolinas, Virginia, and other regions. My condolences goes out to those who suffered major loss. I seem to have made the right decision by staying in Bushwick, Brooklyn with one of my best friends (shown walking and standing in these photos)when it all happened. The only damages the city experienced were power outages in Lower Manhattan/Brooklyn, some flooding, suspension in the public transportation system, and a chain reaction of farts fueled by its residents plentiful stock of dried fruit, nuts, and canned beans.

I moved to New York City last Saturday on the 20th and for a second thought I brought along the agitated tremors of Mother Nature. I'm currently in the transitional part of my life so blog updates have been seldom. Once I rest my bearings and have everything figured out, I promise to deliver. It's been fantastic so far, except for the unintentional whiffs of warm trash. And hey, I can finally experience fashion week/Fashion Night Out!

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