Thursday, September 1, 2011


Ryan Trecartin "Any Ever" exhibition




My friend Shannon and I took a cab north to Long Island City to check out the DIS_RT event at MoMA PS1. This was the closing party to LA-based artist Ryan Trecartin's first large-scale installation in New York titled "Any Ever." It's the internet culture of today coming to life: there's too much to see, hear, and feel that even the most jaw-dropping evoking sensation comes and goes like a passing Farrari only to be shown up by something new and flashy. There was a wait on the headphones that accompanied the installation, and I managed to snag a pair after 7 minutes in queue.

Outside, however was a throng of some of the gaudiest, sexiest, trippiest, and hippest kids (and I mean to list these adjectives in separates) of New York City. After having to first drown myself in this human sea to get a Brooklyn Lager tall can, Shannon and I gravitated toward the hip gyrating trannies with heels planted on an Escalade. (We love 'em.) I haven't heard of Glasspopcorn and his Tumbularity until tonight's show, and this odd popularity and fascination surrounding this kid that I was somehow oblivious to suddenly made me feel old - especially since he's 15-year-old and putting his rap career under the spotlight at freaking MoMA PS1.

The two draws for me, other than checking out Trecartin's exhibit before it closed, was #HDBOYZ (who I'll get to soon) and seeing turbo-fingers himself Araabmuzik pretty much recreate his work with seeming ease that we may as well have him draw a straight line on stage. This guy's works have been the voice nets of artists like Dipset, Busta Rhymes, and Fabulous, and you'd be an idiot to not check out "Electronic Dreams" if you're into this stuff. To prove that his live producing performance wasn't just putting a laptop on deck, there had to be a brief intermission during his set because I'm sure his fingers would swell to prunes otherwise. I knew there was a reason to stand up front, and I'm so glad I did.

So I'm beyond anxious for a video of #HDBOYZ to hit Youtube, Vimeo, whathaveyou because I don't think some words on a screen would do its justice on explaining how this 20-minute set made the highlights of my summer list. They are, according to their first interview with DIS, "the world's first boyband in high definition." I could not refrain from bursting out in fits of laughter over the brilliance in the execution of their performance. If you love a throng of handsome man serenading words like "HDMI in love?" to you, then you better not sleep on their next potential live appearance. I can't guarantee that a spectacular fireworks performance would soon follow.

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