Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9_5. Words by A Girl Who Couldn't Get In: Fool's Gold Day Off @ City Winery, NYC

On Labor Day a friend and I got out of Brooklyn and headed to SoHo, a.k.a. my second 'hood, for the annual Fool's Gold Day Off fest. We made it to the event... with the exception that we didn't make it INTO the event.

The website urges attendees to come out early as "attendance is based on capacity," and the flyer is proven evidence that this warning was all in the bill. Juicy J of the Three6Mafia and weed aficionado fame headlines with Just Blaze, Bros. Macklovitch (A-Trak & Dave1), Araabmuzik (see post for how awesome he is), and more + special guests. Since Electric Zoo ended the day before, it's guaranteed that the special guests were going to be real treats for the crowd - one of them being Diplo and his forever unforgivably amazing dog tee. (See this photo I copped from Facebook. Glorious.) So of course everyone and their moms are going to make the trek to this event. It seemed acceptable to arrive an hour later than the start time because a) 2 p.m. is too early to those hungover from weekend BBQs and b) doesn't the majority arrive fashionably late to these all-day events anyway?

A surprise to many, it turns out that this was housed in a confined backyard of the City Winery with capacity of what must have been a teeny number. Long lines for both general and VIP admission were in queue and hopefuls stick around waiting to get in on the fun. A small crowd of kids in front of me grew agitated as event staff members and Fool's Gold representatives tell them that entry is closed due to capacity and fire hazard regulations. Fool's Gold wristbands were distributed among those in lines in hopes of alleviating the tension, though I didn't see them as guaranteed admission but symbols of a lost cause.

The metal gates are locked and what was once a linear line became a cluster and eventually a terrifyingly annoying cluster of teens/"adults" scheming to "stick it to the man." The premonition of madness laid in these words said by the king of brainstorming next to me, "There's more of us than them." Next thing you know, the whole front successfully plowed through the gates and failed an attempt to run to the event. I then see an event staff who previously tried to work with the crowd come out breathing fire through words, telling everyone that the event is indefinitely closed and no one will get in. Speechless and shaking heads at what just happened, the lingering crowd finally dispersed.

So it's almost like I was at the event. A piece of 2011 history for my autobiographical scrapbook.

So I'm going to say what's been on everyone's mind at that point, but may have not been said: the event organizer(s) needs to change the way these free shows are done. This whole ordeal took me back to December, when Fool's Gold hosted a free-for-the-public, admission-limited holiday party at Tammany Hall of which was headlined by Manny Fresh. Boom! Line down the street, barely moving, vips with an entourage of too many were cutting through, and those arriving on time suffered near hypothermia just to try their luck on getting in. Those in line got rowdy because they're freezing their asses off, and (surprise) authorities arrived to tell the crowd that they should go home.

I LOVE the label and its roster, and I'm sure these events were fantastic to those involved and those who were lucky enough to be a part of the crowd, but if you know that your events are going to be this big for the love of God please do not book them in small venues and, while doing so, advertise it as a free event for everyone. Either do what Mad Decent does with their block parties and book them in open air venues in which people can easily come and go, or host an admission lottery. I vehemently condemn the behavior of those who roughed it up with authorities and bum rushed the gates, but precautions could have eliminated this stupidity. If those in VIP can't even get in, then I say this is a problem that needs to be addressed and fixed at the next event. That's just my two cent.

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