Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion's Night Blackout

"... that awkward moment when you're posing and the camera's taking forever to shoot." - Tyler

My Fashion's Night Out was spent exclusively in SoHo. People chased after an Escalade with their smartphones because Pauly D was in the back seat. Anna Wintour was at Rag and Bone and uptown a crowd went nuts when Nicki Minaj walked in and out of Yves Saint-Laurent. FNO was less about shopping (freaking IMPOSSIBLE to pick up what you want and take it to the counter) and more about the chance for everyday people to jump into tabloid pages like some safari hunt. Oh, and the cheapest bar crawl you'll ever get out of this city. After my third and last store stop at Marc Jacobs, my purple feet and human clutter-induced hysteria beckoned me to go back to Brooklyn to call it a night. But really, my visiting friend and I split a pitcher of sangria at a swanky Spanish speaking bar (only non-Spanish there, ayo) called Bar Celona, and then gaily walked up Bedford for some gyros and the latest issue of Thrasher.

On the top photo: told Pharrell that I thought Tokyo Rising was beautiful (ps, directed by zee lovely Thalia Mavros), and Tyler came in around the time that I got into Billionaire Boys Club. (I can't imagine the reaction from the boys line when he walked in.) I gestured that he needed to be in the photo, so he agreed. He was probably most inclined to take the photo because it was also a photo with Pharrell haha. Tyler was a great sport and very sweet. Both are very fine gentlemen.


  1. Amazing! I am living vicariously through your blog right now!

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