Friday, January 14, 2011

Despise you - scored at Dude Fest 2008, during which the band blew the crowd to bits. Pretty bummed over missing this year's.
Divisions - Florida hardcore band with a mixture of that lo-fi, sludgy power-violence flavor. Got this shirt when they played the Legion of Doom in Columbus... I'd say almost 2 years ago? My ex may have gotten this for me, that I also don't remember.

What's in a shirt? For one, a statement of interest. Two, a back story of ex-lovers, memorable events, acts of charity, and phasing taste and style.

After reading Lesley Arfin's breakdown of her seemingly depth defying sea of shirts, posted on the Opening Ceremony blog, I cracked open my closet to sift through my own. Few have withstand time since their high school premiere, some have cumulated the stench and stains of crusties and near collapsing venues, and many were defeated by New York City's summer scorch 2010 as they morphed into cropped tanks.

My shirt collection is exclusive to music tees. They're generally more attractive than your standard graphic tee, seem to have more meaning than a shirt that screams designer names (an odd exception to the Rodarte/"Radarte" shirts, for reasons even I can't explain), and versatile in wear. Music tees in particular remind me of music (duh), which then triggers my mind to drop a tune or two, which then triggers memory to reference these tunes to the faces and places I've encountered.

... The point I'm trying to get across is that my collection of band tees is very personal to me. Like music is to many, I see these shirts as fossils of my life's past.

Rusko - Limited edition shirt. Don't usually purchase shirts of the dance genre (as much as I LOVE them), but I couldn't pass this up.
Mad Decent - From summer's Mad Decent block party. VIP access, free beer, and that different sort of sweat one exerts from dancing. The cut of this shirt is perfect for my next invasion on the dancefloor. I need to thanks Jasper for those good times. Also reminds me of the break dancing grandma I wrote about for Styleite.

Hombrinus Dudes - PC Michigan grindcore. Haven't listened to this band in ages, but I do remember their advice on shopping for apples at the farmers' market. June 2006 at the 666 Fest, and Skeletonwitch played as Motorhead.
Scholastic Deth - one of the first few shirts I bought in high school (that mattered). Purchased at and they may still be on sale. Was obsessed with this band for the longest time and dove into Bay Area hardcore because of SD.
Goat Horn - Thanks to my friend Kevin, "Rotten Roll" was the anthem to my senior year of high school. I later interviewed Jason Decay, the man, the myth, the legend, for ACRN and scored this shirt after asking whether there were still some available. Got the last one in XL white; transformed it into a cropped tank.

Slayer - Recent grab. It was a hand-me-down from my friend Kent. One of the many perks of having guy friends with similar taste is that you fit into their shirts when they no longer can. My collection grows.
Tragedy - a Portland transplant from Memphis, Tragedy is a worshiper of Japanese d-beat. Saw them with my ex when they came to Cleveland on a Monday night. Remember feeling dead the next day. I remember that this show attracted a lot of the clean-cut crusties with freshly bleached hair and covered in oddly fresh crust patches. Masakari played this night and look at where they are now.
Gauze - a semi-recent grab from eBay. Apparently purchased around the same time my best friend/radio show co-host purchased her Gauze shirt. "Crash the Pose" is Absolute Catastrophe's anthem and I'll never forget that.
Katharsis - also a semi-recent grab from eBay. One of my to favs because the shirt is just so sick. It'll remind me how much I enjoy "\/\/orld\/\/ithoutEnd." I've widened the collar and gave the bottom an asymmetrical drape so now it pretty much has a butt flap. Oh well, it looks great with tights and cigarette jeans.

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