Sunday, January 9, 2011

The night is silent, so my mind is like a man shouting in an empty white room. If it's not my fatiguing aches that can put me to sleep tonight, making my mind shut the hell up sure can.

The result: writing down my new year's resolutions for 2011. Let's hope no more birds fall from the sky, so that my new year's resolution doesn't morph into a panic bucket list for Armageddon.

Fall in love: Yeah yeah, you can't sought out for romance - it just happens. I'm fairly picky when it comes to men (not boys, thank you very much), which makes it harder for me to fall for someone. I sure do miss waking up to someone next to me. Won't force this on myself... but it would be nice.

Buy a mannequin and start designing: Eventually I would love to go back to school and study fashion design. In the meantime I want to get back into designing bags, along with buying a mannequin so I can make myself, and others, a wardrobe worth drooling over.

Start skateboarding again: Rolled my ankle skating downhill during my sophomore year of high school. It's time to stop being a pussy and have a need for speed.

Be in a band - or try to: I'm teaching myself how to play guitar on the Hello Kitty Stratocaster. (No really, I do have one.) Slow progress, but I do enjoy playing it fast. I've also considered turning my front woman fantasy to reality. Scratch that, I need to turn my front woman fantasy to reality.

P.M.A.: Within my 22 years on this planet, I've been through some trying times. There were moments where I feel as if I'm hanging off a cliff by a few fingers, but in retrospect I've accomplished so much in so little time just by being proactive and more confident. Life is fantastic, even if the man is trying to keep me down.

Move to New York City: Doing whatever it takes to make the move after graduation.

Minimalism for quality: Stop shopping at fast fashion retails, stop shopping "by the carrier," and clear out what I don't need. Definitely exterminating a good chunk of my wardrobe in exchange for quality pieces that will go a long way.

What I'm already doing but would like to sustain:

Eating healthy: I'm a programmed health freak.

Keep a work out routine: I work out every other day thanks to my pre-paid membership at my university's gym. Hoping to keep that going after graduation.

Travel more: I venture the East Coast often. Time to take my wanderlust to the South and the West. Chaos in Tejas, visiting my best friend Erin in L.A., and going so West I'm East in Japan.

Love my family more: Parents have bust ass for me. A great time to say thanks.

Write more, draw more: Flex that right brain.

Think young, stay young: Never quit on keeping life vibrant.

And finally, hold on to my relationships, because if for some reason I fall, I would rather fall into the arms of those who love me. Goodnight.

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