Monday, July 11, 2011

Die Mode und Die Sprache.

Tomorrow, I will work on setting up an Etsy store for my pieces. Over the weekend, I have made another version of the denim takeover buttonhole shoulder bag. (Whew.) As if I have not repeated myself over and over again, updates will be posted on Keep it evil.

For some reason I decided to go on Youtube and teach myself German via Speedyconkiwi. Her video tutorials are very easy to follow and she often supplements her lessons with cultural insights and pronunciation suggestions, which I find very helpful.

For some reason, Miss Kiwi apparently gets a lot of flack for her videos and I don't know if it's because of her lessons, her tendency to be a broken record on updates (just press pause or move on to the next video), or the fact that in the first few videos she looks like the ghost of the long lost high school nu metal fan.

That aside, she's amicable and genuinely interested in dishing out the basics in conversation, pronunciation, and articles. In turn, I'm quickly picking up the German language (though its similarities with French and English may have helped greatly), asking myself "wie geht's dir" and counting up to 30 in my sleep. +1 to her.

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