Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gimme Gimme Your Hands Gimme Gimme Your Minds.

Currently writing a paper on how I perceive myself as a writer. Easier than it sounds - it's like looking in the mirror naked and telling the world how I perceive the faint stretch marks along my butt crease. (Actually, I'd rather do that.) Two more weeks of this, then I can finally cackle my way out of college with a diploma.

Anyway, here I am in front of the Williamsburg bridge, a couple blocks down from my future residence. In a month, I will not be there via Photobooth.

Been keeping an eye on fashion week for the men and couture collections. Once I find some time, I'll compile a photo collage of what has caught my fancy.

Oh also, made a small shoulder bag during the holiday weekend.

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