Sunday, April 17, 2011


Occasionally I'll get a random Facebook friend request from some Southeast Asian punks, which I never mind because a) I'm always stoked to meet someone who is in the same ethnicity and music realm and b) I'm such a culture creeper, so this gives me the opportunity to vicariously see what the DIY scene is like in my birth country. Indonesia is the 4th most populated country and the 1st most populated Muslim country in the world. My recollections of what the country is like as I grew up in the United States is that everyone walked around in colorful traditional Indonesian garb, praising Allah in some sing-song over Gamelans and timpanis, and were a walking poster child of good morals. I got to blame my parents and the pirated karaoke videos they play at our Eid parties for these juvenile perceptions.

Realistically, the youth counter-culture is as intriguing as anything of the like is elsewhere. Particularly, the country is a BOOMING hotbed of the DIY punk scene. Iron Lung recently completed their Southeast Asian tour, and it was endearing to hear how ecstatic Indonesians were about their arrival. I was oblivious to all of this until my freshman year of college, when I stumbled upon PROLETAR through To Live A Lie. Although my extensive Myspace hunt introduced me to a slew of fast hardcore and grindcore bands, the obstacle I couldn't bypass was the lack of access to these bands' releases.

Until now. I received perhaps on of THE BEST packages to ever hit my mailbox from Moko, a recent Facebook friend who was quick to introduce me to a dizzying list of Indonesian bands. I've spent the early hours of Monday morning (it's almost 4 a.m., btw) going through his trade package and I'm nowhere near completion.

Because this shit is hard to find/gain access to, I've decided to compile a mix of the songs I'm digging so far and pass it on to you readers. Once again, infinite thanks to Moko for this Christmas (or Eid) in April, and I need to remind myself that I owe him a generous trade package of some U.S. bands. This is also a sly way for me to boost traffic on this blog. So download, enjoy, and tune in to Absolute Catastrophe, my radio show, this Thursday from 8-9 p.m. on to check out more from this collection.


Track listing:

1. "Biadab" AGGRESSOR from State Is Dead: 3 Thrashcore Solutions
2. "Politisasi Kejar Tayang" AGRESI! from Mismash Of Coalition
3. "ballads of kenshin and his sakabato" AK47 from Barricades close the street but open the way
4. "Sound of Revolution" AK47 from Barricades close the street but open the way
5. "Conspiracy" DEAD VERTICAL from When Love Finds A Fool, Grind Still Rules
6. "Did I Have A Delightful Conversation With Timothy McVeigh Rights After His Death Penalty" DOMESTIK DOCKTRIN from Manufakturing Karma EP
7. "Betray" DOMESTIK DOCKTRIN from VA - A Tribute To Minor Threat (Indonesia) - Gone But Not Forgotten
8. "Peace... No Fucking War" FIRSTBLOOD from Split With A SISTEM RIJEK
9. "New Pleasure" MORTAL COMBAT from Hello?! Fukk You! Thank You!
10. "Stand Up and Be Countered" FALLEN WORLD from Blast from the Far East #3
11. "Smell of the Silence" PEACE OR ANNIHILATION from Horrific Disturbing Vision Of War
12. "Dear Fascist/Wish You're Dead!" A SISTEM RIJEK! from First Sight No Sight
13. "Janganlah Memandang Sebelah Mata" SATELLITE from A Moral EP
14. "Point Which Will Not Find There's Onky Led Us Each" TASTE OF FLESH from Split 7'' With SPACE TO BEING
15. "In Grind We Porn" ROTTEN VAGINA 69 from Compilation Contribution Part 4&5
16. "Perusak" TOTAL ANARCHY from Frustasi Global
17. "The Broken of Your State Like My Broken Song" PROLETAR from Blast from the Far East #3
18. "Loud and Fast" GXFXTX from Kazamate & A.D.T. & GxFxTx
19. "United Difference" NINJA HATORRY from Ninja Hatorry
20. "Fake Human Unity" OBSESIF KOMPULSIF from The Taste of Thrash

Photo of Iron Lung playing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Source: Mohd Rizman's Flickr.

Note: I'll add band links later. Time for bed.

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