Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Hawwwlidays.

I guess this is when and where I'm supposed to plug in my obligatory "happy holidays" post. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas (though for consumerism and unity reasons, I sometimes wish we did), so running around this city for gifts and making very expensive travel plans wasn't something I had to worry about in the past month.

So... Merry Christmas or 5th day of Chanukah. Holiday orphans like me (or Jewish/Muslim/Buddhist/Pagan/Satanist/not-gonna-fall-for-the-holiday-tradition-bullshit New Yorker) got out of our ghost town NYC neighborhood and into Chinatown because it deters cabin fever. Plus, I'm not gonna put myself through the jealousy of seeing friends ring in the holidays with an inexplicable bump in their bank accounts or wardrobe via Facebook. I did this last year when I stayed in NYC to intern at Opening Ceremony for a month, and since I am here again and have nowhere to go, I decided to keep traditions alive. I have also recently rehashed my bubble tea addiction and needed to relieve my lustful fantasies of sucking up tapioca pearls.

Here are some OK photos from my walk around the neighborhood. As always, everyone infiltrated the narrow streets in herds, it reeked of durian and fish, and I continued my streak of discovering uncharted retail territory. I wanted to do what everyone was doing and have some lunch at a Chinese restaurant, but the wait for seats were too long because everyone else wanted to have lunch at a Chinese restaurant too.

Stick HK on a bag of dirt and I'd probably buy it

bossin' with RenTen black milk bubble tea

I'll be walking backwards in the upcoming posts. Just want to get them out of my system before they're D.E.A.D. and the year is 2012 and hopefully we all won't be D.E.A.D.

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