Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sample Sales: Joomi Lim, Y-3, Fred Perry


Once in a blue moon, the New York-based and breakout company Joomi Lim throws a private sample sale for the friends and family of the jewelry house. In honor of the upcoming holidays and the air of gift hunt frustration that seems to permeate these streets, the husband and wife duo behind this line marked EVERYTHING (including current collection) down to 70% off retail price. On top of that, they made sure the shopping experience among their friends and family was as personal and personable as possible.

Maggie and I arrived at the undisclosed Chelsea location perhaps a little too early, but Xavier (the husband half of the duo) filled our waiting void by serving us complimentary white wine. (Hell. Yes.) We perused through the signature spikes, boxed and queen bee chains from the house's current collection. The rings from this collection were priced between $30-$40; the spike bracelets and necklaces up to $90. (Somehow remembered that because that was one of the items Maggie bought.) Items from the spring collection, including the heavily publicized fringe necklaces, were sold to customers at wholesale price.

The items I ended up walking away with came from the bargain of the bargain bins: archived pieces which consisted of some of the very last items of each collection spanning back to the first. This bunch had $10 bangle sets, $20 crystal rings, $40 spiked square bangles, and perhaps none priced higher. I found it endearing that both Joomi and Xavier took the initiative to encourage everyone to try on the jewelry, provided background on the pieces and price checks, and direct us to where the deals really are. Loosely quoted from Joomi, "You guys, Bergdorf's still selling this at a much higher cost."

Unlike many personal sales I've attended, what separated this from the rest was the complimentary wining and dining. Sushi and wine filled the bellies of those who forgot to eat dinner and/or didn't mind getting a little buzzed thrown in with a shopper's high. Gestures like this boast high acclaim in my book.

Below, my new favorite bracelet - which I mod with a bunch of hair ties lying around. Now the challenge is to try and not to stab myself with it.

(Although this sale was one-day only, they are hosting another holiday sale this Saturday, Dec. 10th, with other New York jewelry designers. At 119 W 8th Street IN BROOKLYN** from 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.)

**make sure you go into Brooklyn and not Harlem for this one!


I found out about this sample sale right before I went to bed last night, and after reading what would be in store for all the lucky New Yorkers, excitement kept me from falling asleep. After waking up bright and early to get to this sale right when the doors opened, I discovered that I wasn't the only one shaking and on the brink of implosion from $50 Y-3 footwear (usually between $200-500). Shoppers were congregating like cattle in tiny elevator lobby of the Adidas superstore on Houston, waiting for the security guy to escort them into the showroom. Pretty sure I got some smug looks from those standing next to me - as if I wanted the $10 swimming trunks. (You could have those, fella.) And next to me stood a lady who, with no shame, explicitly stated that she's going to flip these for profit. Quite a mix we had here.

Because I was in a hurry to get to the Fred Perry sale (and was originally supposed to meet a friend there but that fell through), I went straight for the shoes and then to the womenswear. All shoes were marked down to ridiculously low prices - notably $50 for Y-3 lo and hi-tops (originally in the $300 price range), and the highest $75 for the cut-out wedged heels. The sale also includes the recent SLVR line (genius designs and probably my favorite) and Originals, and even those were generously marked down. Prices on the overall sale range from $5 for a pair of socks to $100 on exclusive Y-3 runway exclusives. Not bad. Wish I came more prepared with a fatter wallet...

I walked away with two shirts and, more importantly, the cut-out wedges. I meant to get them in black but pulled a dumb one and just blindly took a box without checking the colorway. Turns out they didn't have any in black, except for a single shoe that was on display. I guess red will do.

(Sale resume until Thursday, Dec. 8. Located at 610 Broadway on Houston, 3rd floor.)


I'll be honest. I was disappointed with the selection in this sale, but you can't beat the markdowns. For the Fred Perrians out there, there's still hope that the polo/cardigan/jacket of your size and style may be hiding in this ~private~ sample sale, but it involves combing through the racks. Luckily, it's one not of those sample sales where it looks like someone dropped a bomb into a clothing warehouse, as everything is hanging on racks. Many items in this sale are either discontinued or are items they have in limited quantity, but are desperately trying to get rid of. All Raf Simons (though all in size small) are $40 flat, polos are $30, outerwear is $100, and Richard Nicol and Amy Winehouse are 50% off marked price. All I got (and want for now) was the mesh Raf polo in orange/black.

Be warned that you have to get off the ACE line and walk some way towards the Hudson River to get to this sale. And make sure to sign the e-mail list so you can be personally informed on the showroom's future sales.

(547 West 27th Street, 3rd floor. Sale ends Thursday, December 8; hours are 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.)

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