Monday, December 26, 2011

12_20. Fool's Gold Holiday Party @ The Dream Hotel, NYC

I had two friends stay over at my place for the week, and when they weren't spending their day doing some mushy, lovey-dovey sightseeing, I took on the duty to personally entertain and introduce them to what I hope was a good introduction to the New York City nightlife scene. The first night they bar-hopped in Alphabet City; the third was spent at Weird Records' Chthulhukah holiday party/Thalia's continued b-day extravaganza at Home Sweet Home. Sandwiched in the middle was what I most anticipated, the holiday party.

The saying is true: third time's a charm. I've managed to learn and adapt from my frustration of getting into some previous Fool's Gold events, and this time around I gave my visitors careful instructions to be ready to leave the apartment around 9. It was a close call, a gust of wind escapes from my sigh of relief as the bouncer stamps our wrists. I looked backed over a long, wide congeries of people, certain that 90% of them were told to go elsewhere when it reached capacity.

For some of my readers who aren't in the know of the DJ/dance world and its labels/artists/producers, Fool's Gold is one in the top of the genre's U.S. establishments. To make this more familiar, some of its forefront artists include A-Trak, Kanye West's DJ, Chromeo, and, thanks to "Drive," Kavinsky. So imagine what the holiday parties entail. The Dream Hotel provided the perfect backdrop to the fancy shirting, leather (and hot damn there was a lot of leather in this room), and streetwear get-ups that could garner Kanye's shades tip of approval.

The real party people made a swarm around the stage, waiting for Danny Brown to make what would be his celebratory performance after snagging the #1 spot on Spin's 40 best rap albums of 2011. Surrounded by the label's most recognizable faces, founders Nick Catchdubs and A-Trak, and Dave 1 of Chromeo. As last year got a surprise appearance from Drake, A$AP Ferg's host spot made it no secret that A$AP Rocky would bring out a surprise short set: two songs, jumping into the crowd, and creating a rowdy pit that mocked the nature of clashing atoms. (Not sorry for that dork drop.) Just so you know, the A$AP crew has a show coming up in February at the Irving Plaza. Tickets for that show go on sale at 10 a.m. on the 30th. Happy holidays indeed.

Obligatory holiday photo booth.

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