Tuesday, January 10, 2012

photoAday_ Jan 10

DAY 10, CHILDHOOD: this letter is exactly 10-years-old. Wow. It was sent by an old penpal of mine named Ameenah. We found each other on a Koreananime (for real) penpal exchange guestbook. I don't remember who answered the penpal inquiry of who, but somehow we developed a very strong friendship out of our letter exchanges that lasted for several years: 2000 to perhaps 2004-2005. In August of 2001, I managed to convince my dad into letting me stay at her family's house in Circleville, Va. for a week, while my dad was in D.C. for various projects. The day I left was the day Aaliyah died, and that's all you heard about on music media outlets - especially radio. So that's how I remember all this, I guess. Anyway, apparently this is the only letter that managed to survive the years. I swear I managed to hold on to most of them because I keep every single personal memo, note, letter, card that comes my way. This was a very special friendship that stuck with me because it was my first success in connecting with someone outside of geographical reach. I don't think I would have done this if websites like Myspace and Facebook existed. I'm very happy they didn't taint my efforts of making a strong bond** back when social developments go through a very dramatic milestone: the adolescent years.

Update Jan. 20: changed "bond" from "bong." Dumbest typo ever, or best?

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