Thursday, January 5, 2012

Visionaire 61

Maggie and I finally made the easy, two-subway-stops trip to the gallery on Mercer to see the magazine that broke a Guinness world record in the flesh. For years the super team behind Visionaire - Stephen Gan, Cecilia Dean, and James Kaliardos - had always wanted to make the largest magazine ever, inflating the excitement behind seeing beautiful photography and artwork beyond what the eyes (and hands) could originally handle. Thanks to the sponsorship and conceptual push of African Global founder Nizan Guanaes, the team assembled the contributed artworks and miraculously scurried over to a billboard printer in Wisconsin to create a very impractical, but very beautiful magazine.

standing next to the 'standard size'

It takes two to tango, but it also takes two to flip through this massive issue. We didn't want to be liable of damaging the $1,500,79 x 57.8 inches super-mag, so we went over to the "standard size" and took turns daintily flipping through the works of Ryan McGinley, Bruce Weber, Karl Lagerfeld, and Marina Abramovic, to name a few.

The two versions of the magazine are available for the public to peruse until the end of January. Gallery hours are 11-7 p.m. I highly recommend that you do not go alone. Also check out Visionaire's website for an absolutely adorable promo vid featuring three models purchasing the issue at a newsstand and taking it out for a "relaxing" park read.

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  1. Being the biggest fan of this that I am, and writing an essey about that right this moment, I am really jealous for you!