Monday, January 9, 2012

photoAday_ Jan 9

DAY 9, DAILY ROUTINE: my eyes sting and I'm tearing up profusely. Oh, it's that big bowl of onions I just cut. Let me just wipe my ey- oh shit, now my vision's all blurry. Now I can't see the notification someone left me on Facebook via my Blackberry app.

I always make sure that at least one of my meals is made from scratch. I rarely buy TV dinners/microwavable/oven-baked meals because for one, we don't have a microwave; and second, I know how to cook and I like to know what I'm eating so why not? For breakfast I ate brown sugar wheat waffles (the batter was made from scratch days ago), leftover lentils sloppy joe (made two days ago) on spinach and wheat for lunch, and in this photo I'm prepping up some tofu scrambles. Can you tell I love to cook? Apparently there was a full moon out today, which kind of explains why today felt like a drop down the Millennium Force roller coaster at Cedar Point. I calmed down after I made this meal, served with a side of blackberry spinach salad. Cooking is my daily therapy. And sometimes my phone is too.

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