Sunday, January 8, 2012

photoAday_ Jan 8

I decided to cave in on this "photo a day" activity after seeing a few of my friends upload their daily Instagram snaps in lieu of the challenge. Unfortunately I am not "with it" and don't have an iPhone, and therefore, don't have the Instagram app. I have a Blackberry Curve with no flash and a sepia setting as its COOL, QUIRKY photo filter. Also, it tends to blur badly with the slightest move. Anyway, these will be taken with my Fujifilm camera and I'm still deciding if I should play catch-up on the past seven days or just forget about them.

DAY 8, YOUR SKY: every morning I do some warm-up stretches and cardio activity so I can face the day with some energy and a great body. This photo was taken in the living room of my third floor apartment. When I'm lying down with my back against the floor, maybe after doing leg lifts, maybe exhaling deeply from stationary drills, my eyes often inquisitively greet the blue skies. When we question our existence, our purpose, we look to the skies. When we experience miraculous moments in our lives, we look to the skies. When it's just a need to simply escape but can't really do so under current restraints, we look to the sky. I do all of that when I cool down: I bask in my existence and escape in a dream.

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